Three Magic Words for all Mums

So, here I am, blogging, at long last. After all these years, I have finally jumped on the band wagon with the rest of the creatives and have started blogging.
It’s taken me a while to know what I want to write about. I talk a lot as it is, so I didn’t want to blog just for the sake of blogging. But then I became a mummy, that’s when I found my passion and that’s when I knew the time was right. I know there are so many useful mum blogs out there, but I feel I need to add my own penny’s worth to the mix, put my own stamp on things. Plus as a mum you can never have too much support can you? I am going to tell you three magic words that will help to change your motherhood mindset and give you the confidence you need every single day.
Motherhood, new, challenging, exciting and emotional, very emotional
Becoming a mother and going through the beginnings of motherhood has helped me to recognise my passion to support other like minded and vulnerable mums through their journey of motherhood. Motherhood has so far been the most challenging and most rewarding thing I’ve experienced to date, and I know that most of you mums will probably agree with me on that. It has brought me so many happy and profound moments, yet so many miserable and anxious days and nights.

I was feeling the pressure one morning last year, I needed to be out of the house sharpish, I was running late, I was rushing around trying to get stuff done, clearing up after breakfast, putting the washing away, getting myself ready, getting Matilda ready, Matilda was crying, I was crying, which made the whole drama of the morning twice as bad. Can any of mums relate to that? I’m sure most of you, if not all of you can. That feeling of overwhelm showed up again and I was an emotional mess.

mum card.jpg
I whatsapped my friend Loo_Loo_mummy and ranted (even though I was running late and Matilda was crying) She messaged back with three little magic words… ‘YOU’VE GOT THIS’. I took a few deep breaths, which helped to calm me and make me aware of the present moment, I dried my eyes, hugged my daughter tight and said to myself ‘you’ve got this, Tara, you’ve got this’. So, to my lovely, thoughtful friend, Thank you.

friends picture
Within a few minutes my mood shifted. I felt more grounded and calm. The house was still a mess and I was so late, but my mind felt calmer, I felt a burst of confidence and I no longer worried about trivial the housework. The housework felt so trivial after I was more aware of the present, more aware of my daughter and more aware of my feelings. Ever since that morning, that has been my daily mantra, because I truly believe that our thoughts speak volumes. And if I ever have little bursts of negative emotion, or feeling of overwhelm by motherhood, I say those three magic words to myself in the mirror, and it works, it really works. So, thank you to my wonderful friend for supporting me that day. A little bit of support goes a long way. And that’s what all of us mums need isn’t it?
You’ve got this, too.

weve got this
I want to reassure all you mums that, you’ve got this, too. We’ve all got this. We are all mothers, carers, personal assistants, nurses, bosses, cleaners and so much more in this thing called motherhood. We are all doing the best we can, even if we think we aren’t. If ever you think that you are failing, under achieving, feeling the pressure of everything or today is just ‘one of those days’, then take a few deep breaths, dry your eyes and say to yourself ‘you’ve got this’. Because fellow mums, you really have got this. Just waking up in the morning, responding to your baby’s needs and being present in the moment just proves that you’ve got this.
You’ve got this,
Tara xx

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