BABY MASSAGE- A Language Of Love. Some of the amazing benefits for you and your baby.

Have you ever had a massage? If yes, then you know just how much more relaxed, lighter and well you feel following a Swedish, raindrop or hot stone. There are so many amazing health benefits to a massage, and these health benefits resonate with your baby during this holistic practice too. Baby massage offers the following:

• Pain relief (teething, colic, wind, constipation, reflux, nasal congestion)
• Reduces stress and anxiety (for your baby and you)
• Relaxing for you and your and baby
• Helps promote sleep
• Releases oxytocin, which enhances a special bond between you and your baby



During the baby massage classes and workshops I offer, as well as the health benefits for your baby, I highlight to you the importance of ‘The 3 C’s’.

Connection through baby massage

A deep connection between you and your baby develops from the beginning of the massage. With continual eye contact and touch, you can’t help but constantly check in with your baby, thus building the foundations of a loving bond, and furthermore, secure attachment. Oxytocin is released and will leave you both feeling relaxed and more aligned and in tune with each other.

Communication isn’t just the art of talking, communication in baby massage is a language of love. Your baby will give you cues throughout the class and as a mother, using your maternal instincts, you may be able to understand these cues. Cues include smiles, coos, eye contact, kicking legs, crying, winging, wriggling etc. By responding to your baby’s needs, you are being a responsive parent and communicating with your baby and showing your baby that he/she is loved.

Community takes place in the workshops and classes I offer. The sense of a ‘village’ or ‘tribe’ or ‘support network’ through mummy friends really helps you as a mother to feel supported, loved, listened to and nurtured. If you are attending a 1:1 session with me, then the idea of a community can be extended in the home. Following your learning with me, you can teach other family members the massage strokes, therefore encouraging the whole family feel a part of such a loving daily ritual with your baby.

Screenshot_20180612-220214 (1).png

Towards the end of the classes or workshops, I always finish with a discussion about a motherhood topic, such as: mum guilt, self love/self care, baby development and even returning back to work. It’s important for all of the mums I teach, to feel heard and validated. By talking and listening to one another in a nurturing environment really helps to reassure you as a Mother.

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I trained with Blossom and Berry Baby Massage and Yoga and learnt so much. I am so passionate about forwarding on this knowledge and teaching you and your baby. After all, we are raising the next generation and early integration is so important if we want our babies to thrive in life. If you would like to learn baby massage with me the please get in get in touch I offer so much more than a parent and baby class, I offer support and I teach love. #lovecreateslove

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