Self-Love Sessions

These fortnightly evening classes are designed for the tired, time poor mother who puts her whole family’s needs before her own (I’m sure that resonates with most mothers with children of all ages?) Self-Love is so important for us and our children. for us As Mothers, I believe we are the heart of the family, and if we are not looking after and loving ourselves, then our family suffers.

During these child free classes, we will share time and space with one another in a nurturing and compassionate circle. Through the classes, we will get creative, confident and out of our comfort zone, as I teach you mindful techniques including journaling, letter writing, vision boarding, mirror work and much more.

I hold these classes at two wonderful venues, Thursday evenings from September at The Foragers Retreat and Wednesday evenings from October at Mother Natures Barn

To Be a part of a loving kindness community every fortnight, then please click HERE to book your Self-Love Sessions space.