Meet Tara

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Hello fellow mothers,


I can honestly tell you that Motherhood has changed my life. I’m a thirty two year old mother to two kind and happy daughters. Being a Mother has helped me to live and lead a life of passion and purpose. Everyday I feel blessed to have been gifted the gift of being a Mummy to my beautiful girls and supporting Mothers holistically through their own Motherhood journeys.

I’ve always been a bit of a dreamer, ever since I was young.  I was unsure of where my life would lead. Unsure of what my purpose in life truly was. Then I gave birth to my eldest daughter. There came a moment, during the fourth trimester of my Motherhood journey, that I realised my destiny: not only to be there and to mother my daughter, and to help nurture her while she grows. But to be there for other mums, and to mother and nurture them while they grow also.

Two years on and I’m a baby massage instructor, reiki practitioner and blogger. I am an advocate of self love, mindfulness and family life. I truly believe that the Mother is the heart and soul to every family. For a family to thrive, the heart needs to be filled with love and the soul needs to be filled with spirit, starting with the Mother.

I would love to say that everything about motherhood is great, because that’s what pretty much everyone tells us, isn’t it? But Motherhood is such an oxymoron, it’s the hardest and most amazing thing ever, it’s bitter and sweet all at the same time, its such hard work, lonely, depleting – yet oh so lovely. That’s why I’m here to offer you support and love.

I hope that my website helps you. I hope that you take something from the blogs I write, the experiences I share, the holistic therapies I offer and the support network I’m building. I want to help holistically nurture Mothers worldwide, one Mother at a time. Please leave a comment for me if you want to get in touch. I would love to here from you and support you where I can.

Motherhood is tough, but you my love, are tougher,

Love Tara


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